“Only measurement of bio-ADM reflects the dynamically changing Adrenomedullin activity – indicating the body’s acute demand to improve blood vessel integrity”

sphingotest® bio-ADM

The only assay to measure the bioactive Adrenomedullin

Like most peptide hormones, Adrenomedullin is excised from a larger precursor molecule (prohormone). The resulting prohormone fragments are secreted into the bloodstream, but do not possess any biological activity. MR-proADM e.g. that is produced in a 1:1 ratio to immature Adrenomedullin (ADM) is used as a prognostic biomarker. However, only a certain amount (5-20%) of ADM is converted into biologically active Adrenomedullin (bio-ADM). Furthermore, in contrast to prohormone fragments, bio-ADM plasma levels change dynamically, in correspondence to the changing clinical status of the patient – making it possible to get timely information about the demand for decongestion in acute heart failure and for vasopressors in patients with risk of shock, e.g. in sepsis.

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